Coinbase Exchange Platform Adds Ether Trading Pairs, Rebrands to GDAX – The Merkle

Coinbase, a San-Francisco based bitcoin wallet & exchange platform, has announced it will support the trading of ether, the digital token of the Ethereum blockchain network. Trading in ether will begin next Tuesday, May 24th.Ether trading will be only available to users of the Coinbase exchange platform, with all Coinbase ….Continue reading

Mobile Chip Flaw Puts 60% of Android Devices At Risk of Being Hijacked – The Merkle


Despite the dominant market position Android holds in the mobile ecosystem, there are a fair amount of security flaws to worry about. One of the more recent vulnerabilities exposes as many as 60% of all Android devices in circulation, as Qualcomm’s mobile processor contains a worrisome flaw.What this ….Continue reading

Ontario Superior Court of Justice Dismisses Class Action Against Mt.Gox – The Merkle

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has tossed out a class action lawsuit filed by Canadian citizens who were victims in the Mt.Gox fraud. The suit was filed in 2014 against several business entities tied to the scam in Japan and North America: MtGox Inc., Mt. Gox KK, Tibanne KK, ….Continue reading

TeslaCrypt Developers Release Master Decryption Key Free of Charge – The Merkle


TeslaCrypt Bitcoin ransomware has been claiming victims left, right, and center for several months now, but it looks as if this threat is finally over. The developers made the master decryption key publicly available, and anyone who is still dealing with this malware can restore file access free of charge.….Continue reading

Canadian Court Dismisses Class Action Lawsuit against Mt. Gox


The Mt. Gox lawsuit is keeping a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts on edge as of late, as many affected victims are still holding out hope of a [partial] refund. But over in Canada, the class action lawsuit against Mt. Gox has been dismissed, which is not good news at all. ….Continue reading

Founding Member of the Apache Software Foundation Joins The Hyperledger Project – The Merkle

The Hyperledger Project, an open source blockchain platform being developed by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with 30+ companies, announced today the appointment of Brian Behlendorf as the project’s first executive director.Behlendorf is most famous for developing the Apache Web server software, which is the most widely used server platform ….Continue reading

The Hyperledger Project Welcomes 8 New Members – The Merkle

Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project welcomes eight new members to its ranks today; Beijing AiYi Digital Finance Technology; Broadridge Financial Solutions, a US-based financial services firm; Cloudsoft Corporation, a UK-based software developer; South Korean bitcoin services firm Coinplug; Australian deposit-taking institution Cuscal Limited; Eurostep Holdings, a Cyprus-based cross-industry product data management ….Continue reading

Bitcoin Price Watch; Tightening Things Up This Evening


The European session is about to close for the day, and the US afternoon is set to take over the lion’s share of the bitcoin price market volume. As ever, the second of our two daily bitcoin price analyses will cover our approach going forward into the US afternoon and ….Continue reading

Tor Technology Can Bring Much Needed Encryption To Healthcare – The Merkle


Privacy is on the minds of consumers and enterprises all over the world. The co-creator of Tor has recently announced how medical records are the new target for both hackers and law enforcement. While the anonymity software may be able to help reduce the number of data leaks, the battle ….Continue reading

Kenya’s Daily Nation Article Sees Bitcoin As A Cash Replacement – The Merkle


It is not the first time Bitcoin is mentioned in the Kenyan media as of late, although this new article sounds a lot more confident than the first one. The time has come to find an alternative to cash, and Bitcoin seems to be the only viable contender for now.….Continue reading

Hacker Sells LinkedIn Users' Data for Bitcoin – NEWSBTC


LinkedIn, the professional networking site now has millions of users’ credentials in the public domain. These credentials from the beginning of this decade are up for sale on the deep web.Nothing is private or secure on the internet. Whether it is your photos stored on a cloud platform, credit card ….Continue reading

Proposal for A Global Banking Network As A DAO


Now that The DAO is making media headlines all over the world, Ethereum community members are coming up with new ideas to take the DAO concept one step further. Whether or not Global Banking Network will ever be implemented, remains to be seen, as there are a lot more questions ….Continue reading

Bitcoin Price Watch; It's Lightning Fast Out There! – NEWSBTC


It’s morning time in Europe again, and as such, time to put forward our first analysis of the day in the bitcoin price. We’ve been craving some volatility over the last few days, and action last night finally gave us that volatility. Having initially gained to overnight highs just ahead ….Continue reading

Gmail Labels Bitcoin Content From Google Alerts As Potentially Dangerous – The Merkle


Google needs to crack down on malicious financial advertisements, and it seems they are taking things well beyond the search engine platform itself. Emails received through Gmail are also flagged if they may contain potentially malicious content.While it’s commendable for Google to take matters ….Continue reading

The DAO Push Ethereum Mining Profitability to the Moon


Press Release: CoinWarz, a platform that allows miners to compare cryptocurrency mining profitability, recently launched their Ethereum mining calculator. The launch was timed perfectly with ‘The DAO’ crowdfund – a project with the potential to push Ethereum mining profitability to the moon.Coinwarz, a service that provides mining profitability information for ….Continue reading

BitQuick Set To Return On May 31 2016 – The Merkle


A lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts have been wondering if and when the Bitquick exchange would come back after they were breached several weeks ago. According to the website, their relaunch will take place on May 31st, which is good news.Ever since BitQuick was breached ….Continue reading

Gambling – The Easiest Way to Double your Bitcoins


The Gambling Industry is one of the industries that has grown a lot since Bitcoin first appeared. Since Bitcoin was the perfect currency to be used in the internet, online Casinos have been thriving since 2012.Since Bitcoin first appeared, many businesses such as Ponzi and pyramid schemes have embraced it ….Continue reading

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – Retest of $15.00? – NEWSBTC


Ethereum price moved further higher, and buying dips played well. Now, can ETH/USD continue trading higher and test $15.00 once again?There was no stopping Ethereum price ETH, as it continued to rocket higher vs the US Dollar. There was a nice upside move above the $14.00 level and the price ….Continue reading

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 05/19/2016 – Bears Trying Harder – NEWSBTC


Bitcoin Price Key HighlightsBitcoin price might be able to break below the channel support if dollar demand picks up in the latter sessions.Technical Indicators SignalsThe 100 SMA is still above the longer-term 200 SMA so the uptrend could carry on. In addition, the 100 SMA coincides with the channel support, ….Continue reading

PopChest CEO To Speak About Bitcoin’s Role in Media Publishing at IDEAS Los Angeles – The Merkle

Founder and CEO of Santa Monica-based video micropayment platform PopChest, Valerian Bennett, will be speaking at the IDEAS Los Angeles media conference about the role of blockchain technology and digital currencies in the entertainment industry.Valerian, who is a veteran TV show producer and documentary filmmaker, sees a future where content ….Continue reading

BTC Media to Host Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in St. Louis – The Merkle

BTC Media, a Nashville-based digital currency media company and publisher of Distributed Bitcoin Magazine, will be hosting its first bitcoin & blockchain conference dubbed Distributed: Trade, on June 14th, at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.The event is being organized in partnership with SixThirty, a St. Louis-based fintech venture fund. ….Continue reading

Hacker Sends Stolen Bitcoins To Anti-IS Rojava Plan Crowdfunding Campaign – The Merkle


A lot of people in the Bitcoin world will remember the Hacking Team collective, which has made media headlines over the past few months. However, even that collective was hacked, and the person responsible has now resurfaced to send stolen Bitcoin to an autonomous region in Syria.The hacker ….Continue reading

Android Version of SaruTobi Has Been Released – The Merkle


It has been coming for quite some time now, but popular Bitcoin game SaruTobi is finally available to Android users. The developers have released the information earlier today, and the app can be found in the Google Play Store.Android users all over the world can grab the ….Continue reading

Mycelium Integrates Glidera, Raises $1 Million in Wallet Project Crowdsale – The Merkle

Mycelium, a digital currency wallet developer based in Cyprus, has partnered with fiat currency payment service Glidera, to offer its US and Canadian users the option of purchasing bitcoin with traditional currencies.Glidera offers its API to wallet developers for easy integration, while the company handles all the back office compliance ….Continue reading

AliPay Stuck in China's ID Regulation; Opportunities for Bitcoin


Chinese capital controls have an impact on the local economy, but also on any payment service provider dealing with the yuan. Alipay, which is the country’s largest payment processor, cannot continue their overseas expansion die to even tighter capital control rules.China’s largest third-party payments system had high hopes ….Continue reading